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How do I sign up to receive Account Alerts?

Login to Online Banking and select Alerts.  You can choose the alerts you wish to receive and how you want to receive them from the Alert Options tab.  In Online Banking, you may sign up to receive alerts via email, text* or your Online Banking Inbox.  You will need to confirm or verify your email address or mobile phone number to activate the alert.

Can I set up alerts from the Mobile Banking app?

Yes, to set up push notifications through the Freedom Financial Bank Mobile Banking app, log on, select More from the main menu, then Alerts.  Turn on Push Notifications.  Once turned on, you can set up your account alerts.

Is there a fee to receive alerts?

No, this is a free service.  However, message and data rates may apply for text messages*.  Check with your mobile carrier for details.

How do I activate an email address or mobile phone number to receive alerts?

When setting up Account Alerts from the Contact Options tab, click "send activation code".  When you receive the activation code to your email or mobile device, type the code into the activation box.

Can I send alerts to more than one person?

Yes, when setting up Account Alerts, in the Contact Options tab there is a link to add additional email addresses and mobile phone numbers for texts.

Can I choose not to receive alerts in the middle of the night?

Yes, our Account Alerts system includes a "Do Not Disturb" option.  Any alerts generated during that time period will be held until that period ends.  To set up "Do Not Disturb" times for your alerts, go to the Contact Options tab.

How do I delete or change alerts I have set up?

From the Alert screen, click the Overview tab to view all of your alerts.  Click to Edit or Delete any existing alert.


*Message and data rates may apply.  Check with your mobile carrier for details.
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