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Cash Management

What is Cash Management? 

Cash Management is our Online Cash Management product that allows business clients 24-hour access to their accounts. Businesses can view account information, move funds, check transactions, plus initiate stop payments, wire transfers, and ACH transfers.

Who can access Cash Management? 

This service is available to any bank customer with a business account. Businesses can also grant full or limited use of Cash Management to employees.

How do I sign up for Cash Management? 

Contact us to learn how to sign-up for this service. We will work with you to establish the appropriate plan and service levels for your individual business needs.

How do I get an Access ID and Password for Cash Management? 

Access IDs and passwords will be sent to you once your enrollment applications have been approved and your account setup is complete.

Can I download my business account history into Financial Management software? 

Yes, information from your checking, savings, and loan accounts can be downloaded to your computer, and then imported into selected software applications such as Microsoft® Excel. Note that not all file formats are supported.

Can I transfer funds from/to other Financial Institutions? 

Yes, depending on your level of service, you can initiate a wire transfer, or originate an ACH funds transfer.

Can I transfer funds between my personal and business accounts? 

For sole proprietors and owners, transfers can be made between personal and business accounts. This feature is not available for government, public entity, or nonprofit accounts.

Can I approve the transfer of funds initiated by an employee? 

Yes. With Cash Management you can define access levels and set transfer limits for each employee.

What should I do with the confirmation number I receive after initiating a transaction such as a transfer? 

You may either print the screen or simply make a note of the confirmation number for future reference.

Need Assistance?

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